New Weight Loss Secret. #UsFatGirls

secretThe Secret is . . . . THERE ARE NO SECRETS!!!!!

Please make a mental note to ignore these words in the weight-loss industry now and forever:

  • Fast
  • Instant
  • Weight Loss Secrets

These are marketing words used to make people buy things – they are not the truth in any form. Lasting weight loss takes time and there are no secrets that celebrities know that we do not!

Advertisements using these code words to sell their product are trying to sell you “snake oil”. And it’s working.  They keep making money and yet we are not losing weight!

These words plant lies in our hearts that we then translate to our own day to day journey.

Lasting weight-loss takes time – changes HAVE to take place. If you are crash dieting looking for ‘fast’ or ‘instant’ – you are actually on a yo-yo – not a weight-loss plan! (because I love you).

Lasting weight-loss takes TIME.  Weight that IS lost “Fast”, or “Instantly”, or with some “Weight Loss Secret” – will be gained back just as fast and then some.

Give your head, heart, and body the time it needs to adjust to healthy forever. It’s a process.  No product can give the heart change needed to take good care of yourself!

I’ve been sucked in MANY times too – so I share from a broken heart that was deceived by these broken promises.

The only thing that works is no secret at all:

  • Healthy, clean, and real food.
  • Exercise.
  • Managing coping/emotions.

(how tired are you of hearing this same old answer? – lol)

I’m sorry, there isn’t a quick fix.

Don’t give up!  Take a deep breath.  Let go of “fast”, and keep moving!!!