Keepin’ It Real! #UsFatGirls

Although I’m a work out junkie, I’m fairly new to distance running.  Here is a recent silly photo from one of my night time runs.  Often I have to run after the day is done and my kids are in bed.  Makin it work even if I’m exhausted, even if I lose sleep, even when I want to wind down and snuggle up under a warm blanket with a remote in my hand.  It’s a challenge to stay motivated while working and being a mom!  I get it!

me in my running gearCan you see all my trustee gear?

  • Phone (music and running app)
  • Snot Sleeve for nose wiping – ewwww
  • Warm Hat
  • Tazer! (safety first, ladies!)

Not visible in the pic are my fanny pack, running socks, and my non-underwear undergarments to prevent wedgies.

Running is sooooo NOT glamorous!  Ha!

What are your goto favorite items that make you successful?

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