We Shine the Light on Negative Behaviors! #UsFatGirls

eating in carWe will shine a huge, honest spot light on secret eating, car eating, binge eating, comfort eating, hours on the couch/sleeping, and all other self-destructive behaviors that are hidden, out of control, and knowingly unhealthy but we just can’t stop!!!

We share authentically about these common things that many people do.

We showcase these destructive behaviors for one goal = FREEDOM!

UsFatGirls doesn’t just want you to lose weight! We want you FREE!
Free from the self-loathing and guilt and destructive self-talk that has resulted in unhealthy.
Instead we want you free and healthy INSIDE and OUT! And shockingly, to our amazement, many of us conquer fat, inches, and the scale too as a result!

Thank you for honest sharing, gut wrenching moments, celebrations, and victories – all of life that you express as beautiful women on this page. You are helping MANY people find freedom for the first time!

Keep coming back!
Keep sharing!
Keep praying!
Keep moving!

Baby steps!
One Day ata Time!
Just the decision in front of you – make a good one – worry about the others as they come up!

We are rooting for YOU!
You are beautiful!

Thank you for being willing to feel exposed and vulnerable with us!
Thank you for being a part of the UsFatGirls community!

You are making a difference!

Join the UsFatGirls community!  We’d love to have you!