Thank you, Mr. Postman!!! #UsFatGirls

As I ran, one afternoon this week, I tried a new route.  I get bored easily and always have to change it up.

Apparently, my new run was similar to the mailman’s route too.  Not exactly the same, but enough that we kept running into each other.  It kind of made me feel safer running while having the watchful eye of a civil servant near by.  🙂

I saw him about every other mile or so.  About half-way through the run and after several run-ins, he rolled down the opposing window of his marked truck and hollered out,

Mail Man“How far are you gonna run, girl?” (East Texas Drawl).

As I continued to run, I hollered over my shoulder – “I’m training for half-marathon!”

He said, “Oooooohhh! Ya’ know, I’ve heard about people doin’ things lok’ that!” (remember, Texas accent).

I was sooooo encouraged!!!!
I’m a VERY social exerciser.  I prefer group fitness.  If I’m not working out with someone else or a group, I prefer to sweat at night at home with the family in the room just to be around people.  I would always rather be in a large group sweating and having fun.  It doesn’t feel like I’m working out when I do it with others.

Since our move, I have spent a TON of time training by myself.  It’s hard, mentally challenging, I don’t like it, but I do it anyway.  After hours running alone and convincing myself to “just make it to the next drive way” – it was so encouraging to have another human being participate!  It gave me such a boost, at least for the next 2 miles!

So, thank you, random Mailman, that acted like you were impressed with all my hard work.  It encouraged me just when I needed it!