Never Say Never!!! #UsFatGirls

Never, ever again say I can'tI talked with someone this morning that missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 1 minute, 7 seconds.  Soooooo close.

As he shared, my mind began to wander (you know how a female brain works, right?).  This is what my thoughts sounded like:

“I’m about to run my first half-marathon, and then on my bucket list is a full-marathon and that’s all!  It’s crazy he’s training so many times!  He has to run enough marathons, and enough qualifying marathons fast enough, to get his time shortened to do the Boston marathon.  I COULD NEVER —————–erk”

My thoughts were interrupted at this point by new, healthy Jenny. And she yelled,


I may never try to do the Boston Marathon, but my doubting, insecure, lack-of-overcoming emotional old self still speaks in my head.  It still tries to tell me things are too big and too hard for me to do.  That voice tells me I can’t do stuff even before I begin to try.

I was sooooo excited to hear ‘new Jenny’ yell at her!  New, strong, fighter, overcoming Jenny put her in her place and told her to SHUT UP!!!

Yes, this totally makes me sound crazy with the voices talking in my head – but makes total sense to me! LOL!
I’m thankful to still have “aha” moments revealing how much my thinking is changing as I fight for new and healthy!