More “running” gear! Ha! #UsFatGirls

Sock arm wrist bandsMy hubby “made” these for my run today and I love them!!!!

As I’ve discussed before, I have this constant drip, nose-running issue when I run.  With my race in a week we’re trying to figure out how to wipe my nose during the half-marathon. I normally use my sleeves but I don’t want to wear sleeves on race day.  (snot rockets don’t work for me, boo – I’ve tried!)

Sweat bands don’t work well either, as I can’t get a good enough swipe and end up swiping constantly.

These worked awesome. They were snug enough to stay on by themselves, but loose enough I could scooch down to my hand for a thorough swipe and then scooch back! Lol! Ewwwww!

Yes, they are sock-arm snot/sweat bands.  I know you were wondering. Ha!

Obstacles will NOT stop me!  Solutions will be found!  I will overcome!  No excuses!

I’m super thankful for these today!!! Yay!