I Did It! I Completed My First 1/2 Marathon! I’m Hooked! #UsFatGirls

Rock N Roll Finish lineI finished!

I finished with a time of 2:17 which includes a potty stop at mile 9/10.  Woot!

It was much more emotional to finish than I had expected.  The first wave of tears hit at about mile 11, far enough along in the race that I figured out, “I’m gonna make it”.  “I’m going to be able to finish”.  And just as I was figuring that out I saw a fan along the route with a sign that said, “Run, Runner, Run!”.  I thought, that’s me – a runner!  Who would’ve thought of that ?- This formerly yo-yo-ing fat girl running?!?!  Lot’s of emotions.

Seeing the finish-line nearing, all I could do was smile.  My brain was saying, “It’s possible.  I’m doing this!  Not just “those people out there” – I’m in this race!”

Then it happened, I saw my family!  And I totally broke down.  The waves of emotions to work so hard to reach a goal, to work, train, fight, overcome, face fears, fight my own aches and pains and doubts.  To overcome is a gift.  To fight when it seems everything and everyone is against you.  It’s surreal.  Thousands of people were cheering, cheerleaders, fans, signs, family members – all at the finish to share in the goal.  It was magical.  I’m thankful I didn’t give up.  I would’ve missed out on this moment if I had quit.  I wanted to quit often.  I had an injury.  I had a lot of excuses – but I didn’t quit.  I did it.  I felt strong.  I felt confident.  I felt proud.  I didn’t feel lacking.

Rock n Roll dallas shirtI have a totally  new-found respect for those of you that run multiple halfs, full marathons, triathlons, and 50K+ endurance races.  I’m not there yet, but never say never!

What a process this weight loss journey has been!  I don’t think I will call it that any more.  This life-long journey is more like a “healthy living” journey now.  Saying “yes” to things, eating healthy, taking good care of me, inside and out.  Weight loss may have been my initial goal, but it’s no longer the point of how I live, or the choices I make.

Thanks for sharing in this moment with me.  I’m off to conquer more goals!  How about you?

If I can, anyone can!  What’s on your bucket list?  I still have more dreams to dream too!