Fears Nagging During My First 1/2 Marathon! #UsFatGirls

Jen Race finishI just completed my first half-marathon.  Yippee!

Whenever my thoughts went south during the run, they obsessed over 2 things that I was worried about:

1)  Pooping my pants!

I’m not joking. I have had two separate friends poop their pants during a race. And with all of the pre-race reading, apparently “racing stripes” are VERY common. And, after running behind several adults within nose-sniffing range, very common during my recent race as well.

2) My pants falling down!

It’s true.  After about mile 6 everything goes numb and the frigid temperature only magnified the numb.  My pants could totally fall down and I would have no idea.  And I don’t wear underwear when I run due to wedgies, so I have this fear of running “bare”.  So as I ran, I kept feeling for the waist-band of my pants then I would rub my hip ensuring I found fabric rather than skin to make sure my pants were still on.

Because these thoughts wouldn’t stop nagging me, I waited in line at a port-a-potty at mile 9/10.  I didn’t want to cross the finish line poop-filled and no pants on. (as if I could repair either if they HAD happened at this point).

But unknown to me prior, by mile 9/10 the port-a-potties are useless.  Anyone else visiting this particular set of potties before me have no control over their legs and had literally sprayed the room – so I could touch NOTHING!  I pulled down my pants to verify an “all clear” – but then decided to pee too. The only problem – I couldn’t touch anything. So I climbed up on the side panels without touching anything to “stand pee” during my 1/2 marathon.

I went as fast as I could – cus remember, they are keeping track of timing of everything!  I jumped down on numb legs and got back to the run.

But then it began again. I kept wondering after I stopped, “Did I pull my pants back up”??? But at least I knew I was poop free to finish!

I wonder what my time would’ve been if I hadn’t been so stressed about these 2 things causing me to stop.  Ha!

Running is NOT glamorous!  I’m thankful I finished!