Success Team! #UsFatGirls

people who believe in your dreamsOne of the themes of UsFatGirls is “Conquering Fat Together“.

In my own life previously, I was isolating and failing at many things.  When I began to open up about struggles, ask questions, be authentic, and became willing to be vulnerable, then I began to find success after success.  To live outloud, invite people in, and live this life toward healthy living with others, impacted me on the inside and on the outside (losing the weight).  And even on bad days (yes, I still have them), at least I am no longer suffering alone.

I don’t live this journey alone, in fact it’s more than just being next to people.  These people are my Success Team.  Are you surrounded by people that are “for” you?  Do they cheer for you?  Do they fight for you, encourage you, defend you, pray for you, speak words of truth in honest love, push back when self-loathing hits?  Are you isolating?  Do you have safe people you can trust?

My success team involves people far and wide.  It involves me being willing to listen.  It involves me being open to be coached by others.

Jake pit crewMy success team partly involves my family.   Here is a photo of my son on one of our workouts together.  He is the BEST pit crew ever!  He carries water and snacks for me on long runs and a tazer and safety supplies, just in case.  The mere fact he is next to me keeps me motivated and healthy.  My hubby takes care of our kids so I can do long workouts and says, “I’m proud of you”, often.  My daughter is the sweetest cheerleader a mom could ask for.  She is brave, and beautiful, and constantly pushes her own limits.  It encourages me knowing she is watching me and learning to overcome.  She does not let fear, comfort, or difficulty rule her world.

I am truly heart-broken for those of you that have family members that defeat, derail, guilt, or intentionally invalidate your goals.  I know that happens too often!

My success team involves, you, in the UsFatGirls community.  I am constantly motivated, encouraged, and inspired by your authentic sharing and messages about your own journey, struggles, and victories.

My success team involves people who have accomplished goals that I hope to finish, that are willing to share the daily grind details how to reach a dream goal.

Also on my team are chiropractors, that fix me when I do something wonky to my body – which is often!  KT tapers, that make my body usable when things ache or hurt.  Coaches, nutritionists, encouragers, inspirers, fitness pros, websites, youtube videos, and more.

I do not find success to overcome alone.

Who is a part of your success team?  Do they know it?  Have you told them your goals and what they mean to you?  Do you have some people on your team that are defeating rather than supporting?

Thank you for being a part of my success team!  You are making a difference!