But It Smells Delicious & It Was Made With Love!!! #UsFatGirls

cheesy casseroleI worked at the school again today. And it was PTA teacher appreciation day which means = giant casserole-filled, pot luck, warm, creamy, sloppy, cheese-covered, smells-fill-the-halls, made with love, buffet style, smorgasbord, all you can eat lunch! And I’m in the south where casserole making is as competitive as football!  It’s an art-form of it’s own!  Comfort food is a mainstay!

And . . . . . . . . I resisted it all!  Woot!  victory!!!!

I ate the sack lunch I packed for myself even sitting next to other teachers eating the coca cola chocolate cake, and snicker bar filled chocolate chip cookies! (yes I could smell them as my neighbor bit into them)!

I’m so glad I resisted because now I’m feeling proud rather than regret! And I won’t suffer during my workout tonight. Well, I mean, I won’t suffer as MUCH  as I would have with that junk in my belly.

But, thank you, sweet PTA moms. It all looked and smelled delicious! ♥

Small, daily, victories a decision at a time! My goals are worth more than a moment of satisfaction in my mouth.  Temptation and decisions are everywhere.  I’m thankful for the strength to resist, today.