Creative Cardio! #UsFatGirls

Moving Sidewalk

This poor patron had no idea they were totally goin’ down! I smoked him to the end!

At the airport this week I burned calories in a new way.  It was super fun.

The airport had moving sidewalks- those things like escalators but flat.  I didn’t use them.  At the entrance of each moving sidewalk, I watched to see who climbed on.  It was my goal to get to the end, on foot, before they did.  They didn’t even know they were in a race with me!  Lol!  Speed walking while carrying heavy weights (suitcase/bags) is totally appropriate at the airport.  I repeated this “contest” with every moving sidewalk I had to pass.

It got my heart and adrenaline pumping on an otherwise sit-all-day travel day.  I was also thankful I packed my deodorant!  Whew!

And, yes, I totally ‘won’!  The ones that just stood there were a bit easier to overtake and beat than the ones who decided to move while on it!  Whew!  Those are the ones that really got me sweatin!  I totally crushed them to the finish line, if only they knew!  Ha!