My Dream for all UsFatGirls! #UsFatGirls

thankfulDo ya’ll know how much I think about each of you?
Daily, I pray for you.  I so want for your success.
I want you healthy, and happy, and free.
I want you to see that God made you and wants you. You are NOT a mistake.
I post the items that I post because I want your hearts healed.
I want your identity, that has been stolen, to be restored to beautiful and able.
I want the substitutes you are using to fill your hurts to be filled with hope, and the love of the Healer.
I want you see you are valuable.
If you were rejected, to be accepted.
If you were hurt, to be healed.
If you were brow-beaten, or physically beaten, to be built up and able and strong.
If you were damaged, to be brand new.

It is a blessing to love ya’ll so much.
It inspires me with every share, every post, every time ya’ll surround someone in this group that is struggling.
Thank you for participating in this group! Thank you for the difference you are making in my life and the the lives of others here!