Shut Up, Negative Person, so I Can Go Succeed! #UsFatGirls

mind bullyYou know that moment when the negotiating begins?
When you (me) are sitting on that iffy fence teetering between talking myself into working out or talking ourselves into getting cozy, not working out, or doing something else?
How do you handle this wishy-washy moment?
(Yes, I still have them daily too)!

If I could only get my brain to quit telling me to quit!!!  It’s not a matter of overcoming obstacles, it’s more often overcoming me!  Do you feel this way too?

How do you persevere?

For me, I try not to take too long in this mental space. I move quick or the “don’t do it voice” might win.  I also think of how I will feel after I sweat (not during, because that part is hard – ha!).  But after, I will either feel bummed I didn’t make myself sweat or proud, refreshed, and endorphin filled – which totally feels great!

I also talk myself into going by saying things like:  “just start to move, you don’t have to go all Gung Ho or full out! Just move!” But then I always end up doing it full out!  Ha!  By the time I’m moving I think, “I’m here I might as well make it worth it!”

I never regret a workout after I’m done, but the hard part is the conversation beforehand in my head.

What about you?