I AM the Energizer Bunny. I keep going, and going, and going! #UsFatGirls

Motivation every dayDoes my every-day energy drive you crazy?
Have you figured out yet, this isn’t about a diet or exercise plan – this is about life – and life happens every day.

I have to find motivation every day to take good care of me.
I need support and motivation to make myself move and sweat.
I need support and motivation to eat healthy, rather than make choices that I will regret.
I need support when stress and overwhelm hit to derail any of my life goals (not just diet / exercise stuff).

It’s not extreme measures because extreme measures are not sustainable.  It’s a steady, sober, methodical process of moment by moment decisions resulting in huge things over time.
I might be driving you crazy because I do this EVERY day!  But life happens EVERY day.  I’d much rather live out this journey with YOU!
Thanks for being here too!