Inspirational Weight Loss Stories, “Jennifer MP”! #UsFatGirls @WeightWatchers #WeightWatchers

Jennifer MP2

Beginning weight was 255 pounds.
Current weight is 198.2.
Down 57.8 pounds and still fighting!

Overwhelmed?  Beat down?  Lost Everything?  Gained Weight?  Discouraged?  You are not alone!

I pray Jennifer’s story will encourage and inspire you.  Abuse, medical issues, miscarriage, rejection, and never “being enough” marked her heart and added pounds.  But she has overcome with God’s healing hands.

Here is Jennifer MP’s Story, in her own words.  (Warning:  grab a tissue):


As a young girl, I had the world in my hands. I was unbelievably loved and really couldn’t ask for more. I was a girl with big dreams! I wanted nothing more in life than to get married, have a family, and be a successful doctor. As we all know, sometimes our lives don’t usually happen exactly how we hope for them to! My world did crumble down at the age of 11.  I was molested by a family friend. The man who did this was the father of my best friend. He had 5 daughters of his own and I also witnessed him molesting one of them. At the age of 11, I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t tell a soul about what had happened because I was terrified that he would hurt me.  Initially, I kept quiet and continued going over to their house because I had spent most of my spare time there and I was worried that if I suddenly didn’t want to go, it would raise suspicion.

It came out that my mom and this same man had been having an affair.  From the outside looking in, everyone viewed my family as “perfect”. I too liked to see my family in that same view. It was hard for me to understand how it could all be taken away so quickly. One day everything is fine and the next, it’s all falling apart.  I told what he did to me and his daughter.  After police reports and court filings, no charges were filed and nothing happening to the man.  I remember feeling completely distraught and confused as to why we couldn’t proceed. Why didn’t it matter what he did to me? These are questions that went unanswered for many years that left me struggling to feel “good enough”.

As a teenager I became sexually active at a young age because that is what I thought would fulfill the emptiness that was in me.  I just wanted to be accepted and “good enough”. Unfortunately, sex only leads to more unsettling emotions, especially for a young teenage girl who was currently suffering from previous struggles.  Each ‘relationship’ only left me feeling emptier inside.

As an adult, I found the man of my life and we married.  Following marriage I had medical issues causing weight gain and infertility.  I had several surgeries and procedures, and when it was all said I done I had gained 120 pounds.  We were really starting to focus on starting a family but weren’t having any luck.  I saw a fertility specialist who said before they could work with me, I would have to lose 50 pounds. They said it would be dangerous for me and the baby to get pregnant at my size.  It was their policy that anyone having a BMI greater than 35 could not receive treatment.

This moment for me was difficult. It was the first time I had felt that my weight defined me. I became depressed and more self conscience. I wasn’t “good enough” again.  I remember feeling like I was being punished for something that was out of my control. I gained this weight from an illness; I didn’t do this to myself.  Being 255 pounds and 5’1” was not how I wanted to see myself. I wanted to be viewed as beautiful and I wanted to feel it for myself. I knew that I had no choice but to get the weight off.

I joined Weight Watchers. WW gave me a great  start. Once I became comfortable with eating healthy, I hired a personal trainer so I could learn fitness. In 4 months I lost 20 pounds and things were starting to look up. But life had one more dagger to throw my way. My husband wanted out of our marriage and he was having an affair – with my “best” friend!  All I could feel was betrayal and a complete loss of trust.  What I didn’t know in the midst of his rejection was that I was pregnant, until the miscarriage happened.  I lost everything.  My heart was shattered into millions of pieces and I felt empty inside. For the first time in my life, I knew that my only option to get through this was to turn to God. HE brought me into His arms at just the right time.

I can’t even describe the awful feelings I experienced. Moments of feeling like I didn’t matter, our marriage meant nothing, and many days where getting out of bed seemed impossible. I had days where I felt like I wanted to die (not actually suicidal just felt like I physically and emotionally couldn’t go on). I literally felt as if my entire world fell apart right before my very eyes and there was nothing I could do.

After the divorce was final, I moved back home to be with my family. I really wrestled through the pain with my faith in God. I struggled with my belief that HE truly existed. I was grieving and mad at HIM for allowing my marriage to fall apart. I felt like I prayed over and over and never had any kind of positive change. I felt that no matter how much I cried out to Him, He couldn’t hear me. I gave up hope.

But somehow, I got back up.  After being torn down time and time again, I decided to do something for myself. I decided it was time to take action.  I wanted my life to be different.  I began eating healthy and working out. I started off small and then added more, a bit at a time. I also registered in school.  I was doing things that I had dreamed of doing for myself for years.

As of today, I am down a total of 57 pounds. I broke into the “one”derlands (100’s) and feel amazing! And I finished my school program.  The amount of confidence I have gained back is unreal.

If I have learned anything about myself throughout my journey it is this: No matter how bad it hurts, no matter how much it doesn’t seem possible, you can do anything that you set your mind to. I no longer have doubts in God’s existence because I couldn’t have overcome any of this with my own strength. My heart may have permanent scars but they do not define me. Because of the stones that life has thrown my way, I am a stronger person who has finally learned who she is. I am now someone who is confident in her own skin. I believe that no matter what it is, I can overcome it. The key is to NEVER give up!

My faith in God has been restored. I finally believe that “everything happens for a reason” because I can actually see the reasons shining through. If all of the ‘bad” hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have a relationship with God. I wouldn’t have looked for HIM.  I know now that God wasn’t “out to get me”.  I know He has plans for my life. I’m “good enough” for HIM.  And that’s enough.  J

When I look back at the pain and hurt and compare it to where I am today, I can see that healing was only possible by God’s hand. The amount of strength I have now is unreal. People compliment me on my smile and tell me that I “light up a room”. I take these words straight to the heart because I know where I came from and what I have overcome.

Jennifer MP1Seeing myself accepted has allowed me to dream big for my future, set goals, and lose weight!




Thank you, Jennifer MP, for sharing your heart-wrenching and inspiring story!

Thanks so much for sharing that being strong, fighting back, and seeking Faith is life-changing.  It gives me hope when I struggle too.  I’m so proud of you for losing weight and conquering through life-struggles!  You are beautiful, Jennifer!

My hope for every beautiful reader is that if you are hurt, damaged, and “not enough” (like Jennifer MP) – that you too will see how much God loves and wants YOU!  Don’t give up!

Your story isn’t over yet either, Beautiful!