My Truth…

Medical issues making her battle weight gain. She went the route of surgery, and it’s still a struggle!

Keep on workin it Renae!! We’re cheering for you! Thanks for sharing your story!
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unconditional love of myselfFor over a decade, I struggled with unexplained weight gain AND the inability to lose the excess pounds even with diet and exercise; all this weight kept inching its way onto my 5’ 6” frame slowly but surely taking up what felt like permanent residence. How was this even possible?

I was a tiny kid and in middle school had my “chubby” moment for about half a second and then really thinned out to 125-150 pounds in high school and college (for my height my ideal weight is 150-160). Then it all changed. It all went south; and by south, I mean to my waistline. Below is a picture of me at my 15th birthday… blonde and 125 pounds.

1988 - My 15th BirthdayMy #1 health issue is: PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is called a syndrome instead of a disease because it is an entire host of symptoms that are not consistent with…

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