Can’t . . . . Get . . . . . Motivated! Ug!!! #UsFatGirls @RichardSimmons

unmotivationP90X, 30-Day Shred, or (insert any exercise program here) works great if we can only get off the couch!!!

That’s why UsFatGirls exists – for those of us that struggle to make good and healthy choices for ourselves!

I pray that visiting this group, watching posts, and participating in conversations impacts your daily choices. I hope you find the “want” to fight for you.

Sometimes I feel like the female and younger version of Richard Simmons – minus the tacky shorts – ha! ( I’m totally aging myself if you have no idea who Richard Simmons is).

What I DO love about Richard’s approach is that he teaches people to accept their wounds and learn that they were worth fighting for. You are worth waking up and starting to live again.  richard-simmonsMost of the beautiful people he works with, and me too, have shut down physically or emotionally for a multitude of reasons.

I want to share the same message. You are valuable, unique, able, and beautiful. You are priceless and worth fighting for – even if you have been told otherwise by people and life circumstances!

Are you struggling to get up, eat better, and deal with overwhelming emotions?  We want you!  You are in good company here! No perfect people allowed! 🙂

Get up! Fight!  We won’t knock you back down!  We’ll come alongside you and dream with you!  You Can Overcome!!!

Thanks for being a part of the UsFatGirls community!  Let’s conquer fat together!