Craving or Covering? #UsFatGirls

Feed the fears“Jonesing”

Have you heard this term before?
It’s a term used for a behavior shared by drug addicts, alcoholics, food addicts, and those suffering from anxiety disorders.

Jonesing can also be defined as “busy hands”, or an anxious feeling like you should be doing something. A feeling like “I can’t take this, I’ve gotta get out of myself”.   If you have ever seen a smoker in desperate need of a cigarette, you know what Jonesing looks like!

People react different to jonesin’ – trying to get a “fix”. Some raid the pantry, start cleaning obsessively, grab a drink, or go do something. “If I just get busy the feeling will go away”.  Turn on the TV, make some noise, drown out the feelings.  Bite nails, scrub, wash, pick up, sleep so I don’t have to stress . . . . . . all are avoiding the bad feelings.  Bad feelings happen, do you have healthy coping to know how to manage bad when it happens?

Have you ever felt this way? Do you Jones?

The only issue with appeasing Jonesin is that feeding the feeling only prolongs healing. Jonesin is a common anxious feeling camouflaging the real feelings.  If you go get a fix (food, busy hands, alcohol, etc) – then you might be merely covering the bad feeling rather than dealing with it.  Many addicts transfer from one addiction to another because they just find something new to appease the Jonesin rather than deal with the anxious feelings that are leading them to addictive behaviors (and sometimes self-destructive behaviors).

As I shared with a friend this week, next time you are Jonesin, can you pause, take a deep breath, and dig deep and see what is causing the anxious cravings? What is the overwhelm? What is the stress? Why are you raiding the pantry? Why are you trying to rush to get something done. Why am I jonesin? Did someone say something that I’m reeling from?  Are these expectations real or merely junk I’ve put on myself that no one is expecting?

Health/wellness is a calm, peaceful, steady feeling. Jonesin feels a bit like panic and anxiety.
My prayer is for peace deep inside, so that you don’t harm yourself on the outside!
You are beautiful.

Anyone want to talk about a situation or time when you were Jonesin?
Anyone freaking out reading this thinking, “Oh my gosh, I do that!!!”?

(I had this conversation with a friend this week and thought it fit here too.)