You Can Stuff It, Sushi Lady! #UsFatGirls

A woman posted this on the Facebook page.  Ug!  Has this ever happened to you?
Anonymous Wrote:
“Had a bit of an ego squashing convo at the grocery store just now. I walked to the store with my 2 year old in the stroller and the new baby strapped on in a pouch carrier. I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself. I’m down 15 pounds and counting and I’ve been exercising regularly. Well, I walk into the store with the baby in the pouch and I stopped by the sushi sample lady. She asked where I got the pouch and if it would work for a larger baby (My little one is pretty small). When I confirmed where it came from and that it would work for a larger child. Her reply? . . . .
“Good! My daughter needs one and she’s around 300 lbs too.”
At my very heaviest (9 months pregnant) I was at 252. I currently weigh 230. Not feeling so hot about myself right now. I’m pretty peeved!!!!

JG responded:  “Blow that woman off….what a thoughtless, mean, and stupid thing to say……do not take it to heart. DO NOT TAKE THIS TO HEART!!!”

AL:  How incredibly effin’ rude. You are obviously doing AWESOME!!! Don’t let one inconsiderate woman ruin your day.”

Anonymous: I won’t. I was just completely shocked that she would say that!

SA:  “Wash her mouth out with soap and hose it down with vinegar!”

JC:  “Im having a mini meltdown right now..over this…and your feelings..and this clearly stupid check out/sushi person. I want to beat this womans a** and say a ton of positive stuff to you. However, it wont “fix” the feelings that you had at that moment. The only come back that I can think of is “At least I don’t smell like fish”. And that’s probably not productive. Anonymous…keep doing what you’re doing, she is a fly on the windshield, a moth in a lamp…and as a woman who delivered 2 babies in a years time, I totally feel your pain. I’ve lots to say, however I will rlose weightefrain. There are people who are just damn ugly on the inside sweetheart…however YOU are not!!! (((HUGS)))

CB:  “How flabbergasting, Anonymous! I’ve had a similar experience years & years ago. It sucks & can take the wind right out of your sail. All I can say is that some people are just plain stupid. Continue with your amazing progress & try not to replay this over in your head.

SA:  We are responsible for what goes into our mouths and what comes out of our mouths. Poor choices of words by another person is who they are and not who you are. I see myself as a tall gorgeous graceful woman and feel that way until I see a photo of myself. I have positive sayings in my home. I am not happy with my weight and need to work on it. Right now dealing with my job is about all I can do. You say you have a baby?  Enjoy your child! Don’t focus on negative outside comments. Know you are loved and I think you have a lot of support heer. Now go count your blessings and enjoy the day.

TK:  “You are blessed and strong-she can’t touch that!”

Anonymous:  Thank you, ladies! You really don’t know how much I appreciate the support of this group. You are all amazing and wonderful people and I don’t know how I would be going on this journey without your support! I’ve chosen to not even think about this anymore. This woman was an ignorant, inconsiderate fool and has no bearing on me or my journey. Today is a new day and I will treat it as such. I Love you guys!!”

JB: *Gasp*! I am soooooo sorry, Anonymous! Of all the things she could’ve said about you and your precious babies. I’m so proud of you sharing and venting in this space and getting her ugly words out of you rather than letting them fester inside! (((HUGS).  Something must really be wrong with her. No wonder her daughter is also struggling with weight, if she has a mom saying harsh words to her, she’s probably trying to create a protective barrier around herself (which we all know – extra pounds never helps to keep the hurt away)! You keep rocking that 15 pound-loss. You Are a beautiful mom managing so much and still making progress! Baby steps, one day ata time – and NO TOXIC PEOPLE! You are beautiful!!!

CC: Definitely blow her off! So sorry that happened to you.”

A woman’s identity is a fragile and beautiful thing!  I’m thankful to have all of you!  To get to watch you surround other struggling women on this weight-loss, healthy living journey is flat out inspiring!