I’m Feeling Inspired and HAD to share!!! #UsFatGirls

Waterfall Canyon TopI get a front row seat every day watching people conquer and overcome!
Do you know how strong and able you really are?

Last week I got to guide 2 friends on a hike/climb. Two beautiful and highly capable young ladies.  As we reached the top of our climb, all one of them could do was cry.  It was precious.  It was tender.  It was beautiful.  She was having an “awe” moment.  As she shared with me, she had no idea she could do what we just did!  She was digesting that she is strong and able and capable, and it overwhelmed her.  It’s not like life had totally knocked her down, but until she was out there pushing her limits she had no idea how strong and capable she really was! – And I got to be there! (The photo is where we climbed to – Waterfall Canyon).

She said yes and tried, and did it, and conquered!  I said yes to get to go, and I’m the one that ended up overwhelmed and blessed!

Please get up – no matter how you got knocked down or defeated! Please say yes! Live!
And thanks for giving me a front row seat as you overcome!!!  It’s my favorite thing!