Success Isn’t at the Finish! #UsFatGirls

These are two of my dear friends and trainees, Chris & Kim.  They are total rock stars!

They just finished their first half-marathon!  I’m so stinkin proud of them!

Most people think success looks like this:

Chris & Kim Finish Line

or maybe like this:

Chris & Kim Medals

But these finishes only happened because of moments like these:

Bear Crawl

Me (Jenny) training with Chris doing bear crawls at an ungodly hour.

At night

Working out and sweating after a long day and everyone else goes to bed.

They could celebrate and cross that finish line because of all of the hours of work put in prior to race day.  They knew success wasn’t just achieved on the one day of race day.  They put in the work day in and day out, after being exhausted from work and watching kids.  They lost sleep and events with friends in order to change their life and achieve what they weren’t sure was possible.

Success isn’t at the finish line, it is found in the day to day fight to take one more step when you have nothing left in the tank.

Success is found in doing the hard work when no one is watching and everyone else is sleeping.

The fight to overcome changes us from the inside out, long before we reach the finish line.  The finish line that Chris and Kim earned was an accumulation of days and weeks of heart-felt courage.  They fought for success in every moment leading up to race day – always looking toward the goal.

I’m so proud of them.  They know the pain of success.  They know the price and cost it takes to do amazing things!  I’m thankful I got to share in their fight to overcome.  I’m honored to share in their amazing victories.

If you are alone out there fighting your fight, putting one foot in front of the other, fighting to overcome insurmountable obstacles —  We are with you!  We have been there in the wee hours when no one is watching!  Do the work.  Pay the price.  You are worth it!

Don’t give up!  It’s in those moments where true success is found!  Keep going!

Cottonwood Jump

Day before the marathon. They were excited and nervous and knew they were ready!

Shirts & Medals

  Me, Chris, and Kim with our finisher medals and race shirts! Yay! So proud of them!