But I Work so Hard!!!! (Whiny Voice) #UsFatGirls

Diet & exerciseStrength, determination, & fitness happen as you sweat.
Weightloss & crave management happen as you cook.
~Author unknown

Is there one side of this you manage better than the other? You rock your workouts, but then blow it driving-thru fast food on the way home.  Or you eat healthy but just can’t seem to get motivated to walk around the block.  Want to talk about it?

Does it seem unfair to have to manage both when you work so hard on the side you are good at?

I get messages all the time saying these things – do you say them too?
“But I hate to sweat”
“It hurts when I workout”
“I sweat so much, I deserve a treat”
“I workout so much it should makeup for the junk I have to have”
“If I don’t have a little, I can’t do this.”
“Don’t tell me no. That deprivation makes me binge”
“I can’t do it if no one else does it with me”
“I can’t afford to do it different than what I’m doing”
“I just want it more than I want to change, but then hate myself for it.”

I’d love to hear the part of this you struggle with the most.

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