I’m Hungry All the Time, Even When I Just Ate! #UsFatGirls

can't stop eatingIf you stuffed yourself full of tortillas, pasta, chips, and Oreos and yet find yourself standing in front of the open fridge and pantry –  there is a reason you are still looking for something to eat.

Your body is STARVING for nutrition.

If you ate 2 plate fulls until you are bloating, but there was nothing raw or naturally colorful on those plates, you will still be hungry.

Yes, it’s possible.

Your body can’t do much with merely white bagels and instant rice so it stores those calories and continues to ask for nutrients and vitamins.  Hence post-meal continued cravings and the desire to graze.

Are you eating tons and yet your body is starving?
How much real, colorful food, full of nutrients and vitamins, are you eating?

Stop beating yourself up over eating and eating and eating things that won’t stop the grazing.  Instead, know what your body is asking for and give it good stuff and you won’t have to fight to resist the urges and cravings to keep getting more food.

Changing what you eat will change post-meal continuous eating.

Are you standing in front of the fridge asking,   “What am I looking for?   Didn’t I just eat?”