Sugar Addiction. #UsFatGirls

Sugar AddictionBlah!!! The sugar cycle!

I’m thankful for whoever created this pic, but for me it’s more like:

Promise myself not to touch it,

Crave it and swear ill have just a tiny bit, a “taste” to appease the craving,

After a bite or two the barrier is broken so i go crazy because my promise to myself is already blown,

Totally regret I ate all of that bad, unhealthy, goal defeating stuff,

Emotionally beat myself up,

Sore throat,

T-zone break out,

Total sugar crash,

Swear not to touch the stuff ever again cus it’s as addictive as crack and makes me a crazy person.

Promise myself not to touch it . . . .

And the cycle repeats!
This is why I have to stay away from the stuff!

Do you struggle with refined sugar too?

Wow, just wow!  It really messes me up physically and emotionally.