Lasting Change? Or Just a Phase? #UsFatGirls

lasting changeLasting change IS hard.
What I notice is most people ARE ready for change, temporarily.

Most people can mentally gear up for a phase, “I can do this for a month” and go gung ho after a goal. But then it gets old and the former habits start to creep in. Very few people begin healthy living saying, “This is permanent, this is my new life”.
There are even friends and naysayers commenting, “You can’t eat like that forever!” “That’s not realistic!”.

You mean, eating healthy, real food, that is what our body needs and is made for can’t keep happening? I’m confused. We are so used to everyone eating processed junk all the time, that when someone eats healthy real food day after day people say “It’s impossible”!

It is so normal to eat unhealthy food daily, that eating fruits and vegetables all day every day is now seen as “obsessed” or “odd” and “Impossible”. And that’s why old habits creep in so fast and we return to junk. Eating Junk and sugar everyday is now “normal”. It really is upside down!

Permanent change might mentally be too hard to swallow – I get it. And many times when dealing with food addiction or cravings just the decision moment by moment in front of us is the best any of us can do – I can totally relate.
But what if this change isn’t a phase. What if it is a new life. What if some of the foods aren’t merely something you are refraining from just for a time. What if they are gone for good? Is that too big for you? Many generations of humans lived without many of the items we now call “food”. Can you live physically and emotionally without them too?

Yes, please get gung-ho and step into change to live a better life! I want to encourage you to take good care of you physically and emotionally. But when the phase wears off, then what? What is hard to let go of? The food? The emotions? The comfort? The old familiar friend that ends up defeating you? What is the habit you return to? Why?

Please share . . . .
You are amazing and beautiful and I couldn’t do this without you! Thanks for reflecting with me.