I Fail and Regret if I Do It Alone! #UsFatGirls

Strong PeopleAccountability rescued me this week!!

I ran 11.5 miles on Monday and woke up Tuesday with a food attitude. Yes, you know “I can eat bad food cus I ran so much – even if it makes me feel terrible and really isn’t taking good care of me but I deserve it” mindset.

But I made a promise to a friend and we are praying for each other and talking about food daily. I didn’t want to tell her I blew it, and I totally would’ve been completely honest and told her had I chosen to eat the tub of cookie dough that I wanted to eat.

And then last night it happened again!  Someone in my family left a single Recess Peanut Butter cup on our kitchen counter.  There was nothing else on the counter – just that chocolate staring at me to go eat it.  And I normally would devour it, but I promised to refrain from sugar with a friend this week too – someone else who said she can’t do it alone – someone just like me.  So there it is, still sitting on my counter!  I’m not eating it.  Not because of me, but to support my friend.  To feel the real feelings she is feeling with her.

These relationships help me from defeating myself and making choices I would beat myself up for or self loathe about after.  I need them.  They need me.  We help each other reach goals together.  Fitness goals, life dreams, family goals, marathons, bucket lists, etc.  I want to dream big.  I need them to not give up when it gets hard.

Do you have that person that loves you no matter what?  Do you have someone that you can trust and either blow it or stay strong together? It really is a gift!

I pray this group also encourages you to take good care if you- inside and out.  I pray you are dreaming big and have other dreamers cheering with you!

If you ever feel like you’re about to blow it, give up on a dream, or regretting a binge – let us know! We’ve been there!