I’m So Excited I Can’t Stop Smiling!!! #UsFatGirls

If any of you have ever danced or run with me you probably noticed on thing = I smile the whole time!
It really is nutty, right?

I LOVE it!  I love to move and sweat and go and do and be out there doing hard things.

Turbo turkey

Yes, that’s me in the crazy sunglasses and white tie.
This was at a workout event for our city.
I can’t smile any bigger! Love it! Getting to dance and sweat together! Woot!

Moving is what I was made to do.  I feel the most “me” when dancing, sweating, moving.

It makes me feel giddy, joyful, euphoric, powerful, strong, able, confident, strong, relieved, encouraged, fierce, and a whole slew of other emotions to the point of bubbling over.  The total opposite of the feelings that I lived with for a long time, when I was shutting down.  So much has changed from the time of feelings despair and self-loathing.   When I couldn’t pick myself up.  Do you ever feel these feelings too?

Now, even when blisters are forming, and it’s difficult to the point of wanting to quit, I still feel so honored to be able to move and go and LIVE!  I’m out there living life.  What a feeling!

On my last long run with a friend, the wind  wasn’t only making us run in place by the backward force, but the gusts were actually sending us backward as we tried to run forward.  Anyone else would be so angry, frustrated, and defeated.  It was so amazing and ridiculous and absurd that I got tickled.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  The harder I pushed forward, the harder the gusts sent me backwards.  I had never experienced such a thing!  But when running down a mountain new things are bound to happen.  So there I was trying to run forward while being sent backwards laughing until I couldn’t see due to the laugh crying tears in my eyes.  It was ridiculous, it was incredible, it was amazing, it was hard, it was something I had never experienced before.  So much awe and power and force and I was there, DOING life!

grabbing cheeks

Running 13.1. I’m sooooo excited I can’t contain it!

By the end of the long run with my friend, the one that included the crazy wind gusts, I was elated.  We had just run more than 11 miles in beautiful fall-colored mountains.  The moment when I should’ve been completely exhausted, all I could do was smile.  I started to gallop and skip – I couldn’t contain what it feels like to overcome.  I was proud of my friend and I was thankful to get to be there!

Even writing this and sharing with all of you, I’m sitting here smiling at my new life.

If you hate sweating, are just beginning your journey, feel overwhelmed by how far you still have to go – hang in there!  I’ve been there too.  It WILL get better.  I used to feel that way too.  But not anymore!

I feel FREE!  I feel alive.  I feel thankful.  I get to dream, wish, and overcome.

Do you have something or someone that brings a smile to your face with joy and relief just when it comes to mind?

I’m so thankful for each of you being a part of my journey!  Every step of the way I needed others.  I pray this group serves as the encouragement you need too.

And if you are ever near, join me!  I’d love for you to dance, sweat, or run!  I’ll smile enough for both of us, I promise!!!