Find Your Motivation! #UsFatGirls

Are you externally motivated or internally motivated?

Do you know?

Externally motivated people are like this:

“Ug! I can’t get up.  Why can’t I make myself do this?  Why can I get myself up to go to work or meet a friend, but can’t make myself go workout if I have to walk in alone?  If she meets me, I show up every time.”

Internally motivated people are like this:

“Darn it!  I want to do this, and this, and this but these people and distractions keep me from “me” time.  I have every passion in the word but they expect me to do things that take me away from my goals.”

Work with how you are wired.

If you do not wake up or show up to workout unless someone meets you there.  Call a friend.  Commit to go with someone, before you talk yourself out of it.  If you are external and need another person in order to make sure you go, ask, ask, ask others so you WILL go.

PrioritiesIf you wake up early to go workout and the baby vomits all over you and your two other kids wake up with a temperature as you are trying to get out of the door, get some help.  You have the heart motivation, but need support to reach your dreams in the midst of life chaos.  Does it feel like you are rushing from demand to demand, from emergency to emergency?  Do you have people willing to help you reach your dreams?  You might need some help to calm the expectations and chaos that is surrounding you.

Whether externally motivated or internally motivated you have to fight to keep your health a priority.  It’s ok to ask others.  Maybe your priorities will motivate them too.

I’m a bit of both.  My heart says yes, but my schedule overwhelms.  Other times, I wimp out of a workout unless I’m meeting someone.  In both circumstances I fight to take good care of me.  I’m thankful to now be surrounded by folks that understand my priorities, lifestyle, and dreams and are extremely helpful and supportive.  My family joins me in this lifestyle which makes it even easier to fight for.  They are there with me and for me.

It’s totally OK and normal if you realize you can’t do it alone.  I can’t either.  Thus why the existence of UsFatGirls and all of the many others I lean on.

It’s totally OK if life overwhelms.  Don’t give up your dreams.  Please ask for help and support.  Or find someone else in a similar situation and trade off.  You have permission to fight for a healthy you.

Get going!  You can do this!  Go!  Find someone if you need to!  Woot!