Don’t Feed the Fears! #UsFatGirls

punching fearFear of the unknown overwhelms me sometimes!

A friend that cares about me and knows me well, pushed me out of my comfort zone.  She challenged me to consider running a full marathon.

My first freak out thought was, “No way!!! Are you kidding me?” “I can’t can’t cant!”- FEAR!!!  Fear overwhelmed because it’s something I’ve never done before and have no idea what to do.

But after many prayers and deep breaths I think I want to.  As I get a plan and accept the reality that I might make it to the finish line or I might not- the fear no longer has power to stop me. My sweet friend knew what she was doing when she challenged me.  I can at least try and find out- even when it’s scary.

And I have all of you to freak out with and lean on. I also have many friends that have successfully completed what I want to do.  I will for sure be asking  them for help.

Fear happens, but it doesn’t get to determine my goals!!  Sometimes I have to do it while afraid.

I have dreams to accomplish so fear is just gonna have to get out of the way!!!   Kazaaaah!

How does fear impact your progress?
Does overcoming things feel too big, too huge, or impossible?
There is always hope!
Find someone fearless to face it with you!

Do it even if you have to do it afraid!

And stay tuned . . . . more marathon training freak outs coming soon!!!!