Still Going, & Going, & Going. Aren’t We Done Yet? #UsFatGirls

Gym DoneLiving healthy is an every day process.   Is that frustrating to you?

You work so hard just to get up and have to do it over and over and over?

Is there joy or dread with the process of taking good care of you?

Physical health, mental health, and relational health are each a Process NOT an Event.

You don’t have a wedding and then say, “I’m done working on the relationship”. It’s a daily activity to remain healthy.

You don’t suffer a death and say, “That’s it.  I’m fine now it’s over.”  Grieving and getting healthy through loss is a process.

You don’t lose weight or eat good for 2 weeks and then say, “Ok, I can do whatever I want to now”.

There are consequences if we do not manage the things that are to be tended to daily.  Health is one of those things.

Many people want to spend six weeks to overhaul what they have spent 11 years trashing.  It’s a process.

Your body is like any other property you own, if you maintain as-you-go it’s much easier to whip back into shape.  Just as a home uncared for will need a complete overhaul if it is in disrepair – so will your body.  Do you need a complete overhaul?  Or do you maintain your health as-you-go?

If you never do maintenance work on your refrigerator, A/C unit, paint, or plumbing – eventually it’s all going to start to fall apart.  It will require a lot of money and experts to bring everything back up to functioning.  I have seen homes in such shambles there was no repairing to bring it back into shape.  It had to be torn down and a new one built.

Your body is the same way.  If you do not manage exercise, moving joints, and feed healthy things to your organs – eventually it’s all going to start to fall apart.  It will require a lot of money and experts to bring your body back up to healthy and functioning.

Are you managing being healthy or managing sickness.  You have to manage one or the other.  Or live in denial until it catches up with you with some emergency doctor visit.

You CAN do this.  You are WORTH taking good care of.

One day ata time.  Moment by moment.  Decision by decision.  Take good care of you – FOREVER.  Not just for 6 weeks.  Not just until you “arrive” at whatever latest goal.  Keep going.  This is your life.  LIVE it to the fullest!