That Blows My Mind!!! #UsFatGirls

capableShe had no idea what she was capable of!

I need to brag on my adorable friend, neighbor, and training buddy, Erecca!  She’s amazing!

This summer she asked for help.  She wanted to lose weight and maybe, someday, train, to possibly, if ever, hopefully do a 5K race.

She was very brave to reach outside of herself and ask for help.
So, we scheduled a “let’s find out” training run.  I asked her to come with me and be willing for me to see what she was capable of.  She was brave again, and agreed.  She didn’t know what we were going to do, but she let go of control and was willing to go with me.

On her first night she huffed and puffed, and got a little angry and impatient with me (it was still new then so she remained a bit reserved), she even gagged a little, but she didn’t give up the whole time and she ran.  She ran fast and far.  And then we finished.

On her first night out she ran a 5K!!!!!  She couldn’t believe it.  She thought she was starting day one of a long journey for a 5K, but was capable of way more than she expected.  She just needed someone to sweat it out and fight through the pain with her so she wouldn’t quit.

Her mind was blown.  Her heart changed.  She expressed, “If I CAN do this, what else can I do?”

Fear and pain have been part of her history.  Hurt and fear have convinced her she can’t.   It’s safer not to try than be defeated.

From our very first night out she realized she CAN.

Tons have happened since our first “let’s find out” training run.  She’s become an expert in running gear, she’s finished two half marathons (13.1 miles), and made significant life changes.

Fear isn’t going to stop her, even if things are hard.  She CAN conquer “hard” things.  “Because it’s hard”, doesn’t dictate her future.

I’m so proud of her, proud to get to be her friend, and spend time with her.

Do you know what you are capable of?

Have you blown your own mind?

Do you have a safe and encouraging friend that helps blow your mind?

When was a time you figured out you can do so much more? How do you know unless you try?

Let’s crush the limits that life has squashed you into.

Think bigger – or find someone who will help encourage you past the fears that stop you!

Thanks for being brave and still dreaming, Erecca!  I’m so proud of you!