What do you want? Cus the Status Quo Sux! #UsFatGirls

I heard a fitness guru say these words:
“Everyone has the body they want”.

Dr SeussOn the surface, I understand what they were saying.  Of course we want certain things (either healthy or unhealthy for us) and thus end up with the body we are living in as a result.  We want/crave bad food, so we end up over weight and unhealthy.

I guess it just felt harsh.  And many of the people I work with are addicts,  They really don’t want the behaviors that have become uncontrollable daily habits.  They in no way “want” the circumstances that have landed them where they are.

I think I would change it to something closer to:
“Everyone has the body they accept to live with”.

They accept being defeated by food, or illness, or addiction.  Whatever we accept we continue.  It’s the status quo.  I don’t know that anyone willingly wants the status quo, but rather concede to accept it.

It is time to no longer accept the same old same old?  Are you tired of just merely accepting your defeated circumstances?

What do you want?  What has to change?  Who and what do you need to make the change?  You can.  And find help, if you can’t do it alone!