Oh No!!! I Went to the CANDY STORE!

No rest for the weary!  You never know who is paying attention!

The only problem with being a fitness instructor and talking about exercise and nutrition publicly is that people watch EVERYTHING I eat in public.  I have class attendees and area friends who scan their eyes through my grocery cart and then today, oh today . . . .

My daughter had a $10 bill asking to be spent, so we went to the mall.  After buying some girlie earrings she asked to go to the candy store. You know: that multi-colored store with wall-length bins of sugary flavors.  She and my son went in, I waited at the threshold.  I stood outside the store more out of exhaustion from the day, rather than any intention to stay out.  I was going to wait for them to grab their goodies.

It never fails!  I, of course, ran into THREE people I know while at the CANDY STORE!  I didn’t see a single person I knew in the entirety of the rest of the mall where we had spent a majority of our time, but I get within a step of the Candy store and everyone I know in the mall drops by at that very moment.  Me!  The ‘workout’ lady – is at the candy store!  Ha!

One of my friends said, “Good job!  You’re standing out here so you won’t be tempted inside, aren’t you?”  Another said, “What are YOU doing here?”  (of all places?!?!!!)  The last one saw me, but said nothing.  I think she made a mental note, “Mmmhmm, there she is and all her workout talk!”  I giggled to myself at each response.

I was at the store WITH MY KIDS, people!  And even if I weren’t – I’m a human being!  I’m a normal person!  I like candy!  I just didn’t get any today!

How I felt today was exposed.  I am not perfect, nor trying to be.  I just want to be honest and authentic about our internal battles with food and identity and trying to stay motivated to work out.  That’s it. Period.  I’m not the Candy Nazi!  Ha!

I’m not going to tell you what to eat or not to eat – that’s up to you!

I think when we put ourselves ‘out there” people expect us to be the expert and perfect.  I am not!

Today’s candy store run-in reminded me of how much we watch, interpret, judge, and expect from others and ourselves.

I do try to live consistently making good choices; but not always.  Even when I splurge I attempt get right back on track.  And if I were to search the hearts and choices of my friends, I’m guessing their hearts are the same – to do the best they know how in their current circumstances.  So be free.  Stop the pressure.  Stop the huge expectations of yourself and others.  Make good choices today, or this moment, that’s all that matters.  And if you don’t, move on and get back on track.

Please don’t make assumptions about others.  No one is perfect.  Not you, not them, and definitely not me!