Are You A Goal Finisher or Quitter? #UsFatGirls

SetGoals-3stepsAre your goals worth more than bad food?

If not, you will eat the junk.  In the moment of temptation or difficulty, without a strong “why I am doing this”, we all cave.

Are your dreams big enough to push you to take good care of you?

This week my husband went to the store.  I normally do the grocery shopping.  When I got home I discovered these on top of the fridge:


A friend saw this photo and asked, “Is your husband having a party?”
My response, “Yes! A party in his mouth!” LOL!

Then the very next day we went to lunch together and these were put on the table in front of me.


In each of these moments I was tempted.  I wanted the unhealthy food that was just one handful away.  They smelled sweet or salty, crunchy, yummy.  But I didn’t have any.  I didn’t resist in order to be “a good girl” or to torture myself in resisting the smells.  I didn’t eat the unhealthy for 2 reasons:

1)  I have a goal to run a full marathon by September 13, 2014.  I have never run a full before and I have no idea if I can finish, but I want to find out.  And to add a little dream pressure, I want to go fast – maybe just maybe fast enough to qualify for Boston.  Finishing is enough, but if I work hard, I might be fast enough too?    But I have to be healthy to reach this goal.  Unhealthy food slows me down and makes me feel terrible when I run.  This dream has a date and a deadline and I have to be ready.

2)  I made a promise to 2 friends, and I keep my promises.  They are struggling with pesky pounds and I promised to track food and pounds with them.  As those temptations confronted me, my head ran through the conversations I would have with them if I ate the food.  I would not lie to them.  I would tell them that I ate those foods.  But after the moment of temptation passed, I was so thankful I wasn’t regretting or self-loathing.

Yes, all of us need balance and no extremes or deprivation – that’s not the point of today.  I resisted because I have BIG goals and big dreams and need to be alive and healthy to do them.  Those dreams motivate my moment by moment decisions.

With each person I train, one of the things I require is a dreams/wish list.  It serves as an ultimate bucket list of hopes and dreams that can only happen if they are healthy.  It includes daily items, huge impossible outlandish ideas, and dreams that might be completely financially out of reach too.  Goals for the next month.  Goals that might take two years.  We then take these goals and create a plan to achieve them moment by moment, month after month, year after year.  As small goals are conquered, hopes build that bigger dreams can happen too.  Momentum builds motivation.

Many unhealthy and/or overweight individuals have stopped wishing.  Disappointment and self-loathing have replaced hope.  It becomes a scary thing to hope.  its a wonderful thing to hope.  I can totally relate.  I was there!  I’m so thankful I discovered how to hope again.

All of us need goals.  Only solid goals give us purpose when things get hard.  Why would I ever put of with the pain of hard times without a purpose and a reason?  Without a purpose, you will quit any task that becomes too hard.

Have you given up?  Is there a tiny spot still holding onto a heart wish?  Do you start something then give up when it gets hard?  If so, your dreams aren’t big enough, strong enough, or have enough purpose.

One of the most amazing and inspirational people I know has done some of the most incredible things.  Do you know how she did it?  When she was 20 years old she wrote on a piece a paper what she calls her 50/50.  She wrote 50 life goals she wanted to complete by the

build your dream

time she was 50.  They were outlandish.  She also kept 5 “wildcard” ‘dreams’ open because she knew she would invent new dreams as the years progressed. She is now 51 years old and completed 48 of her 50 and added additional wildcard dreams.  Her purposeful goals list has determined the trajectory of her life.   I wonder who and what she would be doing if she hadn’t written giant dreams onto a 2 cent piece of paper?  Find out more about my dear friend, Dee, and her fitness journey here:  Dee’s Story.

I want to encourage you to write a dream / wish list.  It’s not too late for you.  You are not too old, or too far gone.  If you can’t seem to finish what you start, you’re purpose and dreams and the “why” you are doing what you are doing are not strong enough in your heart.

What do you want?  Do you know? Has your time become consumed by only fulfilling the dreams of others?

You are worth it!

Dream, Beautiful!