Whoo Hoo!!! Celebrate With Me! #UsFatGirls

JeansIt finally happened!  My ‘skinny’ jeans are too big!  I can’t wear them anymore!  Who knew that was possible?

If you are anything like me you have that dress or that pair of pants.  You know which ones, the ones that you could fit in way back when and you remember the year and the events you could wear them to and what you weighed.  I held onto mine for YEARS.  It was 2 fold, a reminder that I could be a specific size.  But as long as I couldn’t squeeze into them they were a reminder of how far I was from where I wanted to be.  They beat me up, they gave me hope, I couldn’t let them go.  Even as seasons and styles changed, they remained in my closet.  Year after year, move after move, they were my gauge.

I remember the day I could get back into them.  It was hugely victorious.  And I don’t just mean squeeze into them.  Squeezing is when I would have to lay on the bed and suck in my belly to zip them up. (am I the only one who does this?  Lol).   I mean they fit.  They went straight on easily, I could zip, and button, and move.

It was a moment of a goal reached, but it didn’t last long.  When I finally fit into them I realized my goals (and style) had changed greatly.  I still didn’t toss out the jeans.  I still held on.  We’ve been through too much together.

I recently pulled them out again, and if you can believe it, they are TOO BIG!!!  They are at the point that even zipped and buttoned I can drop them up and down and if I do much activity they fall on their own.  I am stunned.  I didn’t know I could change my size, shape, and health beyond my initial goal.  I’m still pinching myself.  Had I stopped at the ‘skinny’ jeans I would’ve missed the rest of the journey.

I’ve decided it’s time.  Time to move on, let go, and to say good bye.  I’m letting go of my skinny jeans.  They are no longer my goal.  They no longer define me.  I’m not that person any more.  I feel free!  Anyone need an old pair of jeans?