Did I Just Say That? #UsFatGirls

attitudeAttitude is a muscle that has to be exercised just as any other.

All of us either have a healthy attitude or a sick one.  Whichever one we practice using the most is the one that is strong.  It becomes a habit.

Do those optimistic, chipper people drive you crazy?  Do you see the worst or best in others?  Has doom and gloom (often caught by real life hurts) become the attitude muscle you use every day?

Attitude is never just in our own heads, it pours out of our mouths and out into the world on those around us too.  It’s contagious.

What kind of attitude are you spreading? Which attitude “muscle” is strongest and gets the most use?

Can you catch yourself today and correct course? Can you capture them as they slip out and use a new muscle, even if it hasn’t been used in a long time? As you use a healthy attitude to respond to life, it will get stronger and stronger.  It might even feel strange and artificial at first if you haven’t used a positive attitude in a long time.

I have a friend who’s daughter has her own phone.  Last week the daughter recorded my friend in a moment she didn’t know she was being recorded.  She played it back and heard herself and was appalled.  Her negativity is so common and natural in her responses that she doesn’t even hear herself anymore – until she heard it played back by her daughter – the one who listens to it every day.

flat tireA daughter will not repeat the words we say to her, she will repeat the words she heard her mom say about herself.  I have a daughter and think about this often!

Your thoughts, your words, your attitude have an enormous impact on you and those around you.  What kind of impact do you want to spread to them?

You ARE beautiful!  Shine!