Someone Stole My Identity! #UsFatGirls

Victim-of-Identity-TheftI was asked to speak to a group of High Schoolers last week on the topic of Identity Theft.  Not the kind where someone steals your social security number or credit card, but rather when fear, hurts, and life make you no longer feel like yourself.  And just like with financial theft, this kind of identity theft is also a burden.  It’s very stressful and emotionally difficult.  It’s time consuming to clean up and repair the damage.  And it’s even more frustrating because most often identity theft is done in secret where it takes time to assess the true extent of the damage done.

Have you ever felt this way?

These are the phrases I hear from someone who’s Identity has been stolen:


“I just need to find ‘me’ again.”

“I haven’t felt like myself in a long time.”

“I can’t remember the last time I felt like ‘me”.”

“The real ‘me’ isn’t enough.”

“I lost my Mojo. I want my Mojo back.”

“I feel the most ‘me’ when I . . . .”


Are you in an identity crisis?

Has fear, insecurity, life, or rejection told you that the ‘real’ you isn’t enough, or too much, or not ok?  What happens if you share the real/authentic you with others?

I want you to know you are NOT a mistake.  The real you (the one you might be afraid to show the world) is stunning!  Amazing.  Incredible.

Please don’t let us miss out on her!

Please ask, “Who Am I?”  “Who Made Me?”  “Why am I too scared to show me?”

Did the beautiful-you get lost or stolen by circumstance?

Don’t let an identity-stealing thief set the course of your future.

(Thank you Benjer & Jennifer McVay for the invite to speak and awesome topic so close to my heart).