But I Want The ‘Old You’ Back! #UsFatGirls

life is changeHas anyone ever said this to you?  They’ve said it to me too!

The ‘old me’ may have worked for you, but it was not working for me, so I changed.

Obsessed is the term I hear most often when they talk about me now.  “You’re obsessed with living healthy and reaching crazy goals.”  How is that “not normal”?  Are we so accustomed to the mundane and unhealthy that it’s considered normal?

If someone is focused and driven to pursue a promotion or a degree it’s to be accepted, but to run races and climb mountains and finish bucket list dreams is “just crazy”!

The old me was sad.  The old me was defeated and hurt by life.  The new me is living.  Dreaming.  Hochang is difficultping.  Doing.   It’s always sad to lose a friend from my toxic days, now that I’m determined to be healthy inside and out.

I don’t want the old me back, and I’m sorry you don’t like the new me.  But I can’t go back to what was.  I can’t return to the pain that dictated me.  I’m free and living and want you to go with me.  I’m sorry if you don’t want to.

Change changes things.  It’s inevitable.  But my hope and prayer is to change for the better.  My new goal each day is to live healthy and dream big dreams.  I want to do amazing things and help others do it too.

Who’s with me!