Be-YOU-tiful!!! #UsFatGirls

beautiful from GodI love helping women realize how beautiful they are!

Funniest thing happened today as I left the grocery store.  Three of us exited the store about the same time.  3 Women.  All moseying to our car carrying out bought items like any other day.  There was a woman in front of me and another behind me.  I know nothing about the woman behind me, just that there was someone there.

As we walked to our cars someone whistled.  You know the whistle, the universal “whoo hoo” that even bird owners teach their parrots to imitate.   It was very loud and all of us heard it and kept walking.

Then the lady in front of me did it.  She responded.  She turned around smiling to look to see who was whistling, were they whistling for her?  In that moment I was overjoyed and proud of her.  (Not because some random person whistled giving needed affirmation, this is NOT a post about needing superficial validation.)  I was proud of her because she potentially thought, “Ya, I know it, I’m the one you are whistling at”!  I don’t know what she was actually thinking, I know nothing about her.  But it’s me!  You read my blog.  You KNOW me!  I can’t see a moment like this and do nothing.  So I said something!  Of course I said something, it’s ME!!!  LOL!

I yelled to this total stranger woman in front of me in the grocery parking lot.  I said, “Yes!  I’m so proud of you!  Of course they are whistling for you!  You are gorgeous!”   She stood their totally frozen, struck, stunned and embarrassed.  Totally out of sorts and ferklempt.  She brushed it off with her flushed face and said, “It wasn’t for me it was obviously for someone else.”

I saw in that moment someone that is so unfamiliar with compliments and care that she had no idea how to respond to positive feedback.  Of course her embarrassed response could be because I’m a total stranger complimenting her amazing-ness.  I might have caused her to feel off-kilter too!  Ha!  Then I climbed in my car and left.

Have you noticed this in your life too?  You hear so many negative messages attacking you and your beauty that you no longer believe when someone does compliment you?  Do you know how to receive a compliment?

This morning my daughter’s hair was especially darling.  She’s cute every day, but she did something just a tad different and it was a noticeable good-hair day.  I complimented her hair and she said, “I know! Thank Smileyou!” – not like an arrogant studly, I’m-all-that, ‘I know’ – but like a surprised, how fun and excited, “I know!”    We all have enough bad hair days, it’s fun when it’s a good hair day!  My daughter nor anyone else need to feel embarrassed for being pleased with their hair.

Do you believe someone when they give you a compliment or does your history immediately negate the words?

Do you have days where you are willing and able to say, “That chick (you/me) is HAWT”!  And be proud and confident?

What would you do if some random person whistled at you?

What if some random person shared how amazing you are?

No!  I already heard your response, “That would never happen to me!

Stop defeating yourself.  You ARE Beautiful!

What a fun trip to the store.  I’m off to stun and amaze another person that has forgotten how striking God has made them!  Wish me luck!