10 Self-Inflicted Wounds That Defeat Our Weight Loss Goals. #UsFatGirls

Why-Cant-I-Lose-WeightWeight Loss is never as simple as A, B, C.  There are a ton of great options out there with regard to diet and exercise – – – IF we can make ourselves do them.   If you have a weight loss goal and want to reach it, beware of these 10 self-inflicted wounds that ensure failure rather than success:

1)  Going It Alone

There is a reason there are jobs like Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Health Coach and Group Leaders.  Many, if not most, cannot stay on track alone.  Being accountable to someone else, even a trusted friend, will increase your possibility of huge success. There is something about keeping food a “secret” that ensures you will be defeated.  Those late night movie snacks alone in the dark don’t seem to have power over you if you must tell a friend who wants to help you with your goals, not to condemn you but encourage you.

Many weight-loss companies know the power of accountability.  That’s why they hold weekly meetings or schedule time with a health coach.

Will you let someone in?  If not, why?  Do you really want to reach your goals?  You don’t have to be super woman.  Get some help.  Do it together.

2 ) Waiting Too Long To Eat / Not Eating Often Enough

To lose weight, we must increase our metabolism.  Metabolism speeds up as you eat regularly and exercise.  If you have a pattern of skipping meals, starving yourself, and large time gaps with no snacks your body doesn’t believe you that it will be getting more food.  It thinks it might starve so it holds onto every bite you DO eat.  To lose weight, you must eat with lots of crunching and chewing multiple times a day.  When your body understands the pattern, it will trust you that more food is coming soon and will begin to let go of the food it was formerly holding onto.

3)  Not Pre-Planning Meals

If you wait until your eyes are gawking in a menu and the smells are filling your nose, you are less likely to make good choices.  In fact, the longer you wait the lower your standards will become as you feel more and more hungry.  Decide what you will eat for the whole day before meal-times arrive.  Decide what you will eat at a restaurant in the car before you go inside.  Make choices due to your goals before your 5 senses sway you away.

Do you have a meal plan?  Get one!  Food needs to work for you, not against you!

4)  Not Pre-Planning A Workout For The Day

If you hope to figure out your workout “when you feel like it” it’s not gonna happen.  Decide before your feelings give you an opinion either way. Your workout is for your goals, period, not based on your mood or pop-up crisis of the day.  (However, whatever crisis or mood, a good workout will always make it better).  Plan the workout and put it on the schedule just like a doctor appointment or lunch with a friend.   If you are mentally prepared for what you have scheduled you can work the rest of your day to not defeat it.  You can also mentally gear yourself up for what you need to do.

Champions have a plan.  You can do this!  Write down your goal!  Without a plan, it’s not gonna happen.

5)  Sleeping Too Little or Too Much

Sleep too little and your body produces stress hormones that hold onto pounds rather than shed them.  If you want to lose weight but stress and insane scheduling are keeping you from a proper night’s sleep, for your own health it’s time for priorities to be rearranged.

Likewise, sleeping too much makes your body sedentary.  You were creative to be mobile and move like a brilliantly crafted machine with lots of moving parts.  Our first-world comfortable remote control life-style keeps us from barely having to move 20 steps per day.  The average adult human needs approximately 10,000 steps every day.  Most adults that are sleeping too much, know they are sleeping too much.  It will be a fight to get moving, but it will be life changing.  Get up, Beautiful.  The whole world is missing out on you.

*If you are sleeping too much due to depression, please seek help and treatment.  There is no reason to sleep your life away.  Life is too short to miss it.

6)  Not Taking Medication or Needed Supplements

Many of the folks I work with are diabetic, have PCOS, thyroid issues, anxiety, or depression.  The one common factor in all of them, and often why they cannot find health, is they will not regularly take the needed meds or supplements that treat their condition.  I know that meds are not the end-all answer and many issues can be resolved with counseling or nutrition.  But for the love, if you need meds and have been diagnosed, take them!!  Many folks take them, then feel better, and think they don’t need them, then stop taking them.  Maybe you were feeling better due to the meds your body so desperately needs.  Stopping them as you feel better is counter-intuitive!  I know some folks feel defeated for needing them.   There is no shame in taking good care of you.  Every human has their own chemical make up based on food, environment, and circumstances.  Live your story.  Stop comparing.  Get healthy.  If you are missing a chemical, for whatever reason, give your body what it needs.  Help your body work with you, not against you!

7)  Not Defining The “Why”

Why do you want to get healthy and lose weight?  Do you want it more than you want food?  Is your desire bigger than your excuses?  If you cannot clearly define a huge reason that is so deep in your heart, then defeat will reign.

Create a list of reasons.

Exercise is hard and painful.  Changing food is difficult.  Keep your “reasons” list on-hand when temptation and pain show up.  You can survive anything difficult if your reason to stand strong is firmly established beforehand.

“But, it’s Hard”  – is that a reason you quit?  Of course it’s hard.  Anything worth obtaining is hard, but you are worth fighting for.

Until your heart is ignited your goals will be out of reach.  Set your heart, mind, and prayers to your goals and your actions will follow.

8)  Using Food As Something Other Than Fuel

If food is your comfort, your friend, the way you express and receive love, your entertainment, your reward, your stress reliever, or your boredom buddy then goals will remain beyond your reach.  Seeing a counselor might be needed.  If food has become your primary source to cope with the stresses of life, you need to learn new coping skills.  Only when you have new go to pain relievers will you have the ability to create new food behaviors.

Is food fuel or something else?  Are you going to keep using this as an excuse to defeat your goals?  Or are you ready to get healthy?  What happens if you don’t have food to lean on any more?  Does that freak you out?  It’s time, Beautiful.  Is food really taking good care of you?

9)  Self-Loathing

I understand wallowing, feeling sad, sorry, and regret.  So be sorry, then stop!  Change behavior.  Stop living in guilt.  Stop beating yourself up.  You cannot drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror.  Will your regret or goals win the day? Fat-shaming is so common in our culture, even more so women do it to themselves.  Stop loathing, and start doing.  A U-turn is just that, a minor detour that makes your trip a little longer.  You got this.

10)  Missing The Moment By Moment

This is your life, you have time.  All we have are the decisions we make moment by moment.  I know it feels huge, but break it down.  All you have to worry about is the next decision, and repeat over and over again.  Today has enough stress of it’s own.  You didn’t get to where you are in one month, it’s gonna take more than one month.  So settle into a sustainable pace.  Hyped up is too extreme and not sustainable.  Life-change and healthy is a steady, day by day, one tiny step at a time activity.  Breathe.  Just make good decisions right now.  They will add up.

Also don’t miss the small victories along the way that happen in the moment.  I don’t think we celebrate enough!  Every new victory is to be celebrated.  Progress NOT perfection!  And each step forward is changing you on the inside and out.  Find someone to celebrate those moments with you.  When the scale moves the direction you need it to go, when you resisted a go-crazy-binge, when you drop a pant size, when you looked in the mirror and felt beautiful instead of loathing.  Don’t miss the journey.  There are tons of milestones in the mundane that might be missed if only the end-prize is in view.

Missing the moment by moment causes us to do “all or nothing” behaviors.  If you do “all or nothing” then when you “screw up” you will be defeated and give up.  The day to day moments ARE the journey to the goal.  Don’t miss them!   They will keep you on track during good days or bad.

And a bonus Self-Inflicted Wound, just for all of you:

11)  Using the Phrase “I Can’t”.

If you are in the habit of using this phrase to put limits on yourself, I want to challenge you to add the word “Yet” to the end.  Start there.  I don’t know your story or what defeated you, but who is putting limits on you but you?    Start looking at it this way:

“I can’t without help” – so get help.  This might be true, so take action.  You are not hopeless, you can do something.

“I can’t because I don’t know how” – then learn.  If you are reading this right now that means you have internet access and a world-wide access to more information than you can imagine.  You are able.  You CAN.

“I can’t because I’m sick, hurt, injured, old” – I can find people with your same sickness, pains, injuries, and age that ARE living the dream.  You can too.  There ARE ways.  You are not hopeless.  Water exercise, healthy food, centers that specialize in what you have exist all over the planet.  You CAN, get going!

If you are waiting for circumstances in your life to change, success will be beyond your reach.  You have no control of things outside of you.  They may or may never change.  Take good care of you now. Stop giving other things the power over your goals.

Only you are limiting you.  Who are you waiting for?  What if no one else goes with you? 
It’s your life, your body, your story.  Live it.  Dream.  Go!  Maybe they will catch up maybe they won’t.  What do you really want? 

Are you using the above excuses to remain stuck so you don’t have to take action?

You CAN!

I believe in you!  If I can do it, so can you – or anyone else!

Did any of these resonate with you?  Which ones? I’d love to hear about it!