“Food Is The Only Gift I’m Getting.” #UsFatGirls

food giftsIt was about this time last year I had a heart-felt conversation with a friend (Thanks for permission to share).

She said,

“All of the gifts people have gotten for me are food-related. They think it’s the only thing I care about.  They honestly don’t know anything else as important to me.  I need help because they are right.  I revolve around the next sweet, luxurious, indulgent, comfort food”.

“They wouldn’t even guess my size nor try to buy me something that will never fit.  I race from commitment to commitment so there’s no room for “me” hobbies.  Food is the only thing they know I like.  How has it gotten to this point?”

It was the happy Christmas Season and she was devastated.  It was her wake up call!  I’m thankful she got authentic and vulnerable and felt safe!

One year later, down 60 pounds, less life stress, and new hobbies that express her heart.

We can never start addressing food issues until we feel safe.  Do you have a safe place to deal with what is really weighing you down?

Please give yourself the gift of health this year! You are worth fighting for!

You don’t have to know how to do it perfect to begin to change your life.  Just begin.  One step in front of the other. There’s a ton to figure out that can’t happen until you go!!

I’m so thankful for all of you! You keep me accountable and healthy inside and out.

I need you and love y’all! Thanks for being one of my safe places!!