Good Food vs. Bad Food. #UsFatGirls

Basic CMYKI want to be perfectly clear, I use the terms Good Food or Bad Food because those foods make you feel good or bad not because you are a good girl or a bad girl for eating them!

Good food nurtures our bodies and fuels us with needed micronutrients and makes us feel good.  During any workout I can tell you exactly what I ate!  My body is screaming at me the entire time either rewarding me or punishing me through the brutal workout reminding me what I put in my mouth.

Bad food makes us feel bad. It is nutrient deficient, bogs down our bodies, and is often stored rather than used.  Our bodies do not know what to do with these items and make us feel sluggish.

I notice people regularly call themselves “bad” or “good” based on the what they eat.  “I’m a bad girl, or a bad boy”.  Or I hear them say, “I’m being bad today.”  I use the words “good” or “bad” foods based on how they make us feel!

I even prefer the words “yes foods” and “no foods”.

Yes foods = foods I want to eat to reach my goals and feel great.

No foods = foods that make me feel terrible and defeat my self esteem and goals.

I even use the words, “I don’t eat that” rather than “I can’t eat that”.

“I Can’t have that (look of longing and sadness)” = deprived, and unfair, and like I’m missing out.

“I don’t eat that” = I’m choosing not to, I have control of my goals, and that item is not worth it.

If food has been a reward for behavior rather than fuel, does it feel like punishment or deprivation to eat good foods.  Isn’t that backwards?  Unhealthy/bad food = reward?  How is that truly nourishing and taking good care of you?   I choose to reward myself with healthy nutritious food.  I get to move and exercise because i’m healthy and free and able.

The goal of this group is to remember that healthy living and weight loss is a mindset NOT a dress size. How do you perceive healthy food and exercise?  Where do you stand on the “good food” “bad food” definitions?  Is it time to rethink how we categorize what we eat?

You can do it.  One day at a time.  One decision at a time.