Define Success or Surrender. #UsFatGirls

focus-prioritiesWith out a life focus (purposeful goals) circumstances will decide for you.
Do you ever wonder:  “How did I get here?  Is this what my life has become?”

Some of my intentional life-goals  are:

  • Faith– a personal relationship with Jesus, a prayer life with my kiddos and husband, and involvement in my local church.
  • Family– helping them become excellent citizens, take risks, and fulfill dreams of their own.  I’ve been happily married 21 years and hope to be married at least 50 more!
  • Health – to live a fit, vibrant, healthy, balanced life; mentally/emotionally, exercise, and with food.
  • Serving Others– It blesses me to help and serve others.  I’ve been given so much, it makes my heart full to extend time and resources to lift others up.
  • Giant Bucket List of Wishes and Dreams – I’ll save this list for another post, but I love to set goals and reach them.  I love saying yes and trying things I’ve never done before or ever thought possible.

These 5 primary life-goals determine many of the daily decisions I make.  One of my favorite things is when all 5 can be accomplished with one event!

Yes, it’s true, we all have to work to have money to eat and have housing, but it’s not the central focus of my life.  Every thing sucks up time and resources.  Choices have to be made every day as to what will get our time and our resources.  Without a plan your goals will get lost in the chaos of the emergent.  Things that are not your priority will demand your attention.  With a clear defined direction it is much easier to say “no”.

Do you say ‘no’?  Can you say ‘no’?  Do you do things for attention or to please others.  Are you appeasing guilt?  If you are serving guilt you are not serving your goals.  If you are trying to please a person for approval, realize how valuable that approval is costing you.  It’s costing you your goals.  Are you ok with that?   Is ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’, or a financial hierarchy/one upmanship deciding your days and future?  Is your time, health, and resources worth all the “stuff” you are accumulating?  Are you participating in a “get all you can” or “I’m not as great as you” contest that you didn’t know you entered?
Are you only living to survive or pay bills?  Are you worried others might think you are crazy if you truly made decisions different than everyone else in order to fulfill the dreams planted in your heart?

Whatever you allow, will continue.

How are you defining success?  How do you define a “win” for you?  Are you making decisions based on winning?  Are your goals losing?

When crisis or illness or job loss hits, I ask – “How can I still fulfill what I’m here to do in the midst if these circumstances?” Crisis cannot derail my goals. Crisis merely impacts how or when I carry them out.

Without goals, someone else or something else with dictate your life to you.  Is that happening now?
Is it time to topsy turvey priorities based in your heart desires?
Who or what is deciding the purpose for your life?  Do you have a say?  Can you express your voice?  Can you write down and speak out to someone safe your own dreams and heart wishes?  You are not an accident.  You have a purpose.

Dream, beautiful!  Don’t merely exist!  LIVE!!!