November Plank Challenge

Thank you so much for those of you participating in the October Jumping Jacks Challenge and/or No Sugar Challenge!  Woot!  So proud of you!

We are just days away from our new daily challenge.  Yep, PLANKS!

Why not give yourself a toned mid-section for Christmas?  Let’s go!  Post each day on the Facebook page when you finish!  And don’t hold your breath!  BREATHE!!

plank challenge

If you’ve never done a plank before and want further instruction, check out this link:

If you need a countdown buzzer go to this link:


No Soda Summer Challenge!

This challenge runs for the month of June.

Will you be crazy with me and abstain from soda for the month of June?

Want to commit to go a whole month refraining from bubbly goodness?
Will you post on the wall and the page any days you are struggling? (I so will be whining – ha!)

If you want to join the Challenge:

1) Post saying, “I’m in”.

2) Post which soda you usually drink and how often.

3) Offer suggestions and alternatives for all of us refraining.

4)  Post any links, data, quotes, or photos about sodas/diet sodas.  For those of us hoping to refrain, we can come read the data to remind ourselves to resist!!!

Let’s do this!!!!

Link to UsFatGirls No Soda Event Challenge Page.

fit for summer small60 Day, Prep-for-Summer Challenge!!!!

Summer is coming.  Are you gonna cover up hiding or be fit and proud (you don’t have to uncover to be fit and proud). But please don’t cover up due to feeling bad about your parts.1. Goto the UsFatGirls Facebook event page and post  “I’m in” – that you will be participating.
2. Take photos at home in a swim suit or shorts and hold onto the outfit and photos for the next 60 days.
3. Measure with a measuring tape these areas: upper arms, thighs, lower belly and write down those measurements (optional – note a starting weight)
4. Take a pre-fitness test and keep the results (how many sit ups in one minute, how many push ups in one minute, how long does it take you to walk/run one mile) – or choose one of the many fit tests online. – you need a starting point to begin from to compare with in 60 days.
5. Choose a healthy food plan and exercise plan and post what you will be doing to change your body in the next 60 days.
6. Invite at least 2 friends to participate with you for accountability. It’s only 60 days!!! Someone will do it WITH you!!!!
7. Post daily emotions, food habits, failures, victories to keep yourself motivated and on track.
8. Post to encourage others taking the challenge.
9.  Pray and motivate daily.
10. May 31 – remeasure, re-fit-test, and take a new picture.
Let’s do this!  60 days will pass whether you join us or not, but wouldn’t you prefer to be fit and strong by summer?
You can do it!!!

exercise313 in 2013 Challenge!!!

This is a YEAR LONG challenge.  If a year-long is too overwhelming, feel free to break it down into a one month challenge (choose which month and let us know), or a one week challenge.

The goal is to workout 313 times in 2013. That’s 365 days minus one day off per week.

If you are starting a month later than January – set a new number based on when you begin:  April- 200 in 2013, for example, or if you begin in June – 153 in 2013, etc.

The workout does NOT have to be a formal 1 hour workout at a gym. It can be sit ups one day, and a 4 minute Tabata the next, squats, jumping jacks, etc.

Youtube has thousands of workouts. There are also workout tv channels via your computer ( for example).
No need to buy a new set of DVDs or gym membership! Explore, try something new every day if you like as part of taking the challenge.

The goal is to commit to a year of working out every day (one day off each week).

Move, Move, Move, Move a little every single day!

Will you take the challenge?  Join the UsFatGirls community and the 313 in 2013 Challenge here:  313 in 2013 .


No White Christmas Challenge – In Honor of Those Suffering from Celiacs.

This is an At-Home Challenge
It Begins on December 1 and Ends on December 31 (New Years Eve)


  • -To participate you can elect to abstain from “white” food items for the month of December.You decide which white items you are no longer eating: flour, sugar, wheat, tortillas, starches/potatoes, bread, rice, etc. and stick with it.
  • If you blow it, it’s not over – you begin again the very next moment. You will continue til the end of the month – sharing the process.
  • If you are having withdrawals or cravings or blow it, come to the group and share your struggle – they will support you. Or read through the files tab or posts to seek new motivation and encouragement.

To sign up for this challenge, you can participate on your own, or join the rest of us via Facebook:

Once on the event page just say “I’m in” on the event page and list what “white item” you believe you will miss the most? 🙂

This Challenge was initiated by Liz, a fellow UsFatGirl. She has a friend recently diagnosed with Celiacs and she is going Gluten-free in support of this friend. UsFatGirls would like to take this challenge to support the many other women also suffering from Celiacs.



November Challenge is  happening now!  Join the Challenge with us!  If you are joining us mid-challenge, it’s not too late.  You can participate at any time. 


1)  Visit the UsFatGirls Facebook community and post saying, “I’m In” on the sign up on the page, and list what fried food you will miss the most.  (fried rice, chips, egg rolls, drive-thru, etc)

2)  Abstain from fried food for the month of November.  If you struggle, visit the Facebook UsFatgirls community, share, whine, moan, cry, or offer support to someone else struggling.

3)  If you blow it – it’s not over – if you sign up for the challenge and attempt to live that out yet have a moment of weakness, pick yourself back up and keep going.  You start again the very next moment and keep trying and working through it for the rest of the month.   Having a blow it moment doesn’t get you out of the challenge – that IS part of the challenge!

Are you in?  Join the challenge!  You CAN do it!  Try!  Baby Steps!  One day at a time!  Progress NOT perfection!

Thanks, fellow UsFatGirl, Cachelle, for this awesome challenge idea!


The Overcome Sugar October Challenge!

Are you taking the challenge with us? If so, share “why” you have decided to take the challenge (will be important to have written down and remember when headaches, cravings, or emotions hit).


Refrain from sugar or sugar-filled items for all of October: candy, sodas, juices, sugar-filled cereals, bars, desserts, etc.

It is up to you whether you decide to refrain from fruit or not (natural sugars) – you decide for you and let us know.

If you decide to sign up for the challenge, on the days when cravings hit, or you feel so tempted and compelled to race out and fill your sugar fix, please come to this group first. Read through the posts as a way to obtain encouragement, and post about your temptation, craving, emotions and let the rest of us support you through it.
And if, even after all of those steps, you blow it and have a sugar blow out, you are not finished. You are still in the Overcome Sugar Challenge – start again – and talk through what happened.

Sugar wants to be the boss. Sugar wreaks havoc on our insulin and our emotions and causes horrible roller coasters in our systems. If you have a beat down with sugar and you lose, start the challenge again the next day. If you have a struggle day, it’s not over.
It’s called “overcome” because there is often much more going on with our dependence (or addiction) to sweet things. This is huge for many, let’s do it together.
Let’s get real, get honest, and get off this roller coaster!

Let’s try together? Wanna find out?
Is sugar deciding what you eat when? Have you lost control, balance, ability to refrain from certain things? Or are you the boss of what goes into your body when?

Here goes! Are you ready? Have you warned your family? Please let them know what you are planning – so that when grumpiness hits, or cravings, or headaches, they know what is going on.

You can do it!
(if you need a copy of a sweetener chart I’ve created, let me know and I’ll private message it to you – it shows what sweeteners cause insulin spikes and which ones do not if you plan to check ingredients. – just holler).