“The struggles that we face individually are handled more easily knowing that there are others across the nation who share the same situations. UsFatGirls is a safe haven to air our own challenges and at the same time being able to offer encouragement to others!”
~ Glendora E.

“Having been overweight all my life, and losing off and on for years, I have learned that support from those in the same situation is key. Sometimes even a group of “strangers” can provide the best source of support. UsFatGirls allows for folks in different timezones, age groups, stages in life to share and offer support to each other.”
~ Julie M.

“I have struggled with weight issues all my life. Then in august of 2011 I was visiting my sister in Tennessee and we were doing this DVD workout that she had. I remember how I was struggling through it and my sister said “you need to do something about your weight.” After she mentioned that I began to think more seriously and I started going hard at the gym. A month later I tried out Zumba with Jenny for the first time. Jenny has been such a motivating, inspiration, and dear friend to me. Thus far on my weight loss journey I have lost 60 lbs! Thanks to Jenny and support from the Zumba friends. I am a Zumba instructor now and it is a dream come true!”
~ Ruth M.

“Jenny just has this way of seeing the value in each person even if we don’t see it ourselves and through this page she is reaching souls around the world! No matter our shape or size we all want to be valued and loved and that starts within ourselves. This page looks not only at our physical health, but is a sounding board for us on our mental and spiritual and emotional health as well. Thank you, Jenny for lighting the spark and being that safe place we can vent and ask those questions and not feel alone in our despair or ‘ craziness’.”
~ Liz L.

“I have known my good friend Jenny since we were 12 years old starting middle school. Through difficult odds and circumstances I have seen Jenny not only overcome and bring out the best not only in herself but also those around her with pure joy. That is not only a sign of a good friend but also a strong leader.”
~ Aimee A.

“Jenny is an amazing motivator!! She knows how to tell you and ask you things in a way that’s not obtrusive, yet inspiring. For me it’s much healthier mentally to go to Jenny and the people in the support groups, I feel safe. It’s been a place to vent, get ideas, get inspired, and help others all in one…you can’t beat that 😉”
~ Paige K.