What is “UsFatGirls?”

  • UsFatGirls is a community of beautiful women of all sizes seeking a safe environment to get motivation for a better life.
  • UsFatGirls may weigh 80 pounds or 1000 pounds. UsFatGirls is a mind-set NOT a dress size!
  • UsFatGirls will support whatever diet, exercise, medical approach that works, but every person is different. And nothing works if you can’t get off the couch. UsFatGirls are the population that can’t get motivated. Are too busy, worn out, yo-yoing, defeated, depressed, overwhelmed, self-loathing, guilty, and need support to take steps to care again.
  • UsFatGirls have made desperate choices while feeling desperate.
  • UsFatGirls are learning there IS hope and change is possible, even for them!  They are not a lost cause.
  • UsFatGirls will fight for each other to care as much about their identity as what they see in the mirror.
  • UsFatGirls are conquering fat together.
  • UsFatGirls will have good days, bad days, smoking hot days, lazy days, motivated workout days, – they are REAL women with all of the roller coaster of emotions experienced by real women.
  • UsFatGirls is motivation. UsFatGirls is identity. UsFatGirls is a community of women that might or might not ever have a bikini body, and if we do – our identity is not wrapped up in it.
  • UsFatGirls fail and get back up and cheer each other on on the journey – and it’s a curvy journey – not a straight path from here to there.
  • UsFatGirls feel defeated by and as if they could never be: fit, skinny, happy, healthy, see progress, motivated – these words are beyond their reach. – that’s why we are here together!
  • UsFatGirls Does talk about diet, exercise, identity, stress, someone who brought donuts to the office this morning, how I felt when my hubby said “should you be eating that?”, caving into cravings, being defeated, taking risks, plans that work, plans that don’t work, prayers, emotions, our fight with the scale, feelings, and all things in the complex hearts and heads of women.
  • UsFatGirls are REAL & Authentic. They are vulnerable and need validation.

What UsFatGirls is NOT:

  • UsFatGirls is NOT a diet or exercise plan. It’s motivation. No plan works if you can’t get yourself to take action. “P90X looks great if I could just get off the couch!”
  • UsFatGirls is NOT a replacement for medical or psychiatric care.
  • UsFatGirls is NOT a place to compare ourselves to others.
  • UsFatGirls is Not a place to self-bash, or bash others. It’s a safe place to gain motivation.
  • UsFatGirls will rarely ever be like TV models, magazine covers, movie stars – they are REAL women of all sizes.
  • UsFatGirls are NOT perfect, nor strive to be. What a relief!

What is a WIN for UsFatGirls?

  • A win is women finding motivation to take action they couldn’t do alone – NOW they have UsFatGirls.
  • A win is women having a voice about things they keep silent about and it is eating them up inside.
  • A win is women seeing life change: , relational, physical, spiritual, and maybe on the scale too as a result.
  • A win is women gaining strength and removing fear and obstacles that seemed impossible to move.
  • A win is action.
  • A win is UsFatGirls supporting each other – not just relying on me (Jenny)
  • A win is women stop competing with and destroying women and start encouraging them.

What is a Loss for UsFatGirls?

  • People merely relying on Jenny, rather than each other.
  • People no longer sharing their hurts and fears – that’s where progress happens. If we ever lose authentic sharing, we’ve lost.
  • If people are no longer motivated by this community. UsFatGirls IS motivation.