Why the Name “UsFatGirls?”

I’ve had people ask about the name of the group “UsFatGirls”.

The name was a bit in reaction to all of the titles of fitness/wellness/beauty things that use these words:

Best Body
Weight Loss
Perfect Abs

I don’t know if me or any of the ladies I know will ever be defined as “skinny”, or “best body ever” – I wanted a safe place for the REST of US = real women that might be skinny or fat or yo-yoing in between.
UsFatGirls are beautiful and might have been told otherwise because this whole identity thing is a mess!
UsFatGirls is a mindset – NOT a dress size.

I’m proud to be an UsFatGirl – I don’t see it as labeling myself negatively. It’s real. It’s beautiful women – period.

So, sorry if being an”UsFatGirl” discourages you – but being here does the opposite for me. I see the beautiful broken and restored women in UsFatGirls and want to make better choices in my own life too!

Thanks for being a part of the UsFatGirls community!